Visit to the La Casa di Graziella museum

On the second floor of the Palazzo della cultura (Former conservatory of orphans) at Terra Murata, from June 10 2011 it is possible to visit the historical reconstruction of the house of Graziella. In September 1811 Alphonse De Lamartine arrives in Italy, a French writer and poet and protagonist of the Grand Tour was only 21 years old; and according to the novel Graziella, Lamartine stays in Procida from April 1st 1812 to the end of May 1813 and in these 14 months the writer falls in love with the young procidana girl Graziella, an orphan, she lives with her grandmother, grandfather Andrea and her brothers. Only in 1849 Lamartine decided to write this beautiful novel.
It is the story of a love born on the island where, between the sweetness of the place and the scent of the sea, Graziella, a young girl with black eyes and long braids, makes the protagonist fall in love madly, thanks to her simplicity and her wild beauty. The girl was the daughter of Procidan fishermen, where Lamartine spent his Neapolitan years, abandoning the clothes of a wealthy French traveler to approach the simple and modest life of the locals.
That tender love born during the long days spent together working the coral or reading love stories in the small little house of Procidan fishermen, is interrupted by his sudden departure for France. Alphonse leaves his beloved Graziella with a promise: he would soon return to her. While waiting, the girl gets tuberculosis and before she dies, she sends him a letter containing a braid of her hair. Alphonse will keep that letter and that braid together for life, with the memory of that love that he will never find in any other woman ...
Two hundred years after this event, the cultural association "La casa di Graziella", in union with the Municipality of Procida, wanted to rebuild this hypothetical house of Graziella.
Obviously he rebuilt a much richer house than a fisherman's house (which had almost nothing). The whole outfit of the house is dated between 1800 and 1900 but nothing has belonged to Graziella. This museum aims to preserve and pass on the history of Procida to posterity, through the myth of Graziella who lived and died out of love.
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