Marina Chiaiolella

The presence of shallow waters and numerous waterfront establishments makes Marina Chiaiolella one of the most famous and popular destinations of Procida. Here, in addition to the equipped tourist port, there are some of the most popular hotels and restaurants on the island. Despite the lively summer tourism that led to make some necessary changes, the Chiaiolella has always maintained its character as a fishing village. Walking along the pier and continuing along the Giovanni da Procida street, it is possible to admire the characteristic houses of spontaneous architecture. The houses are centuries old, while the hotels are perfectly framed in the landscape although they date back to more recent times. The highlight of the entire village is the Sanctuary of San Giuseppe built in 1836 and restored over the years. In addition to the bell tower with the large clock that overlooks all the sides of the bell tower, the splendid paintings kept inside the church also deserve due attention. The characteristic small port, consisting of an ancient extinct volcanic crater, is surrounded to the west by the Solchiaro hill, once a favorite destination for the Bourbons for hunting, and to the east by the Santa Margherita promontory, seat of a monastery in the eighth century Benedictine. Do not miss the fantastic sunset over Ischia and the island of Vivara, visible from all the beaches of the village.
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