Data safe

Our site is secure with https and SSL

Piazza Posta is always a step forward, even in those small details that may seem insignificant, but that contribute to making the difference: from today our site has got the SSL certificate that makes the site super-secure. We explain why and what it is for.
The security of our surfing on the Internet is constantly at risk, due to viruses, cyber attacks, websites that steal precious and personal information from the unfortunate visitors. To help the battle against computer frauds, to give our visitors yet another tangible signal of absolute security guarantee.
We have activated an encryption protocol on our site to protect the exchange of information between the website and its users.
Through the https: // protocol, we protect the data and the information transmitted, hiding the content of the information to any unauthorized strangers.
The presence of our SSL certificate is evidenced, visually, by the presence, in the address bar of the browser, of the word https in front of the site address (that is: https: // and the lock icon, which at depending on the browser used, it can be displayed in different positions.
From today, visit is even easier, more comfortable, super-secure!
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